Government Staffing

The Sigma employment agency provides a variety of workforce solutions to the Federal & State government as well as other branches of government, while working cohesively with its suppliers, subcontractors, and other key service personnel.


The need for trust in Government IT Systems and protection against cyber threats is at an all-time high. Criminals, who used to perpetrate crimes for the purposes of notoriety, are more interested in hiding their activities to access confidential information for the purpose of financial gain.

Local, State, and Federal government now have to take additional security measures to protect taxpayer’s confidential information. Breaches of government may not only have a fiduciary cost associated with these attacks, but also deal with negative publicity and perceptions of what many in the private sector think is an antiquated system that is always “a step behind” profitable commercial industries. Controlling network access, protecting messaging capabilities and mobile access, as well as preventing the loss of data have become focal points for many government agencies in the 21st century.





State/Local Governments

State and Local Government are supporting new initiatives aimed at reducing costs, improving processes and productivity, and maintaining an outdated technology infrastructure. In the late 90’s many state and local governments recognized that constituents preferred to interface in an online environment. As the year 2000 approached, many state governments started to develop and implement e-versions of many day-to-day activities, such as tax payments & filings, motor vehicle registrations, and a variety of other transactions. Local governments are looking to follow this example. Governments are currently working with providers to deliver the necessary infrastructure and service oriented architecture necessary to move forward into the 21st century.

Defense and Security

Keeping peace in the digital age requires constant innovation. This means agencies, devices, information and services interconnected by a communications network must optimize resources. Defense and security organizations need to keep their technical infrastructure current to maintain constituent confidence.

Disaster Recovery

Millions of citizens depend daily on the services provided by the federal/state/municipal agencies in their surrounding communities. Fire, EMS, Police, Electricity, and Water Treatment are just a few among an ever-growing list of essential governmental services. It’s crucial that these organization’s IT and communications systems function efficiently at all times, but especially during crisis. From communications networks to storage solutions to emergency power