Insurance Domain

The world of insurance

The world of insurance has changed a great deal over the last ten years. New catastrophic threats, creating business from e-commerce, and new lines of business all have evolved insurance technology departments into mission-critical resources. Insurance organizations have an ever increasing expectation of their CIOs, to not only manage an ever shrinking budget, but to also obtain the most current and innovative technological solutions.

Claims Processing, and Policy Management

Many insurance organization’s claim processes continue to be paper-based, and therefore not nearly as streamlined as digital forms processing. And frequently, different departments utilize a diverse combination of technology and paper-based systems to handle their claim processes. Moving to integrate and automate the entire process can be a daunting task that is undertaken to ensure fast and accurate processing, as well as enhanced customer service, while reducing costs and decreasing turn-around time. Regulatory compliance issues mandated by the government must also be maintained.


Insurance Broker/Agent

Independent Insurance Agents are the “face” of the industry to a large audience of customers. Cost-effectively designing and implementing an effective agency website, to increasing sales by leveraging the Internet is paramount. Independent insurance brokers and agencies don’t have millions of dollars in their technology budgets, and therefore have to work with IT outsourcing companies to complete many of these needed implementations.

Business Intelligence/Data Mining

Insurance organizations are streamlining their data flow as well as leveraging their database to better market to their clients and prospects. Data challenges such as updating, reporting, access, storage and mining must all be considered when a data warehouse system is being selected. Optimal data warehousing enables insurance organizations to maximize their assets to assure the greatest profitability.



Sigma Systems Executive Search Services for Insurance Firms include:

  • Property and Casualty Insurance Systems
  • Life Insurance Systems
  • Insurance Broker/Agent Financial Web-based Systems
  • Claims Processing
  • Policy Management
  • Re-Insurance Applications
  • Practice / Physician Management Tools and Software Development
  • HIPAA Compliance Projects
  • EDI transaction sets (835, 837, 270, 271, etc.)