Over the past 20 years, the financial sector has been an early adopter of information technologies; it has gone through the entire cycle of introduction to growth and maturity stages in terms of regulations, processes and technologies being used. Amid the changes in the outlook of the financial sector, especially with the recent economic crisis, it might be easier for one to believe that the industry is going through saturation or is on the decline. But essentially it’s just another correction cycle. Amid the change in the backdrop of the regulatory environment, the industry would still continue to heavily rely on computer based systems in the long run, which would need constant upgrades and maintenance, along with consolidation and innovation.
Investments and securities services firms are looking to better manage, hedge and mitigate their risk by investing heavily in risk management systems, whereas fund managers are increasing IT spend in their payment systems.

Since its inception, Sigma has played a key role across a multitude of platforms ranging from:

Fixed Income,
Derivatives Systems,
Stocks/Futures/Options Trading – Online/web-based Systems,
Program/Algorithmic trading,
Asset Management and Hedge Funds,
Financial Statistical Analysis,
Brokerage and Equities Systems,
EDI transactions etc.


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