Our Hiring Process

The Sigma Difference:

While most staffing agencies spend their time building their customer base, Sigma has focused on ways to perfect the Candidate Screening & Qualification process. We’ve incorporated many of the industry’s best employment practices for hiring talent and have developed a methodology and expertise that delivers results. We understand that there are several factors involved when selecting a candidate, and that technical skills are only aspect. We’ve spent the last 20 years developing our recruiting process, ensuring the delivery of ‘the right match.’

Client Discovery

Prior to beginning an assignment, the Sigma Staffing Services Team collaborates directly with the client, conducting a thorough analysis and needs assessment and to get a complete understanding of the entire picture. This includes gaining an understanding of the following:

  • How the position or role came about
  • At what pace the requirement needs to be facilitated or filled
  • What the absolute mandatory skill sets are
  • What the overall big picture goal is

The Sigma Team then individually conducts an internal position analysis based on a number of factors including market demand and inventory. We then develop several solutions and a strategic imperative to meet all of the mandatory and most of the desired criteria.

Candidate Screening

After the analysis has been completed, and strong, viable candidates have been identified and pre-screened – The Sigma Recruiting Team then conducts a detailed & thorough qualification process in order to identify any potential areas of concern; eliminating partial matches. Our candidate screening approach incorporates a variety of processes including behavioral-based interviewing techniques, technical assessment, personality type & trait evaluation, motivation drive, ideal position type, desired target industry and several other factors.

Once the new target list of qualified candidates has been identified, Account Management gets involved and conducts lengthy phone interviews and face-to-face meetings in order to evaluate from the Client perspective. Once the results have been delivered back to recruiting, our employment services team conducts another series of interviews and evaluations based on the feedback that has been provided to create a top 3 list of strong, target matches ready for presentation to the client.