Staffing Services



Sigma’s temporary placement solutions provide contracting jobs to meet the immediate project-based hiring needs that an organization may require:

  • Leave of absence
  • Maternity leave coverage
  • Interim solution as a replacement for a position
  • System migrations or conversions
  • Immediate organizational or project-based necessity

We are ready to help.  Our contractors go through the same rigorous scrutiny and review processes that we employ for our own internal hiring.


Contract to hire

Also known as ‘temp to hire,’ Sigma offers contract to hire as an additional option for both clients and candidates who may require a solution that incorporates more flexibility.  This employment process involves hiring a candidate on a contract basis with the intention, or in some cases the potential of converting to permanent status after a specific duration.  Our contracting jobs solution provides hiring flexibility for organizations allowing them to operate in a more of a flexible expense/cost model.  For candidates who may be interested in a role, but hesitant about the overall match, temp to hire is an extremely viable option that gives peace of mind.  Often, candidates will choose this option in order to avoid blemishes on their resume or to avoid work history that permanent positions can sometimes leave if the position doesn’t in fact work out.  Sigma staffing agency offers a competitive declining fee schedule with this particular hiring strategy, in order to make this plan a more affordable option for both clients and candidates.










Permanent Placement

The Sigma employment agency can assist with the placement of any full time, permanent position or requisition requiring assistance which includes professional Candidate Screening & Qualification, on-site or off-site candidate interviewing and a complete 90-day service guarantee to ensure proper fit and long term compatibility.









Sigma has spent twenty years creating strategic alliances with top firms around the globe in order to offer an array of different services within a variety of employment practice areas.  Sigma is ready to offer solutions of all sizes and types and has the right partnerships in place to efficiently provide support wherever the needs may be.







MSP/VMS Solutions

Sigma staffing agency offers targeted matches with industry-leading VMS/MSP Providers who operate using industry best practices.

Government Solutions

Sigma staffing agency offers workforce employment solutions to the Federal & State government and its suppliers, subcontractors and other key service providers.

Executive Placement

Sigma staffing agency offers specialized, research-based recruitment service designed to optimize the executive search process for organizations searching for high level positions.  Staffing services include both contingency and retained search.