ABOUT SIGMA • Sigma Inc.


Sigma Inc. is a leading professional staffing agency, founded in 1994, with the goal of improving the quality and level of service within the staffing industry. We provide state-of-the-art service with a variety of options, such as staff augmentation, right-to-hire services, temporary employment, contractors, and contingent labor partnerships for VMS/MSPs. As a result of our success and growth over the past two decades, we’ve developed a strategy to improve the search process and thereby the quality of service for a variety of sectors. Moreover, we have helped several organizations of all sizes address complex business challenges across the US. Sigma remains focused on improving the overall delivery and quality of staffing services while continually exceeding client expectations. 

Sigma focuses on identifying and uncovering hidden talent that does not exist on job boards. We prefer to allow our competitors to ‘battle on the job boards,’ over candidates that can be easily delivered, while we provide valuable in-depth talent sourcing. Our credo is that the best staffing professionals in the industry are capable of identifying and convincing talented professionals to review strong matches. At the end of the day, our employment services are all about delivering results and about delivering the ‘right candidate match’ for an organization’s needs.

From Sigma, you know you have expertise found within contractors, right-to-hire work, direct placements and MSP Vendor relationships. Our top industries served are Information Technology, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals/Life Sciences, Professional & Administrative, Government Services and Higher Education. With well over two decades of diverse recruitment practices, coast to coast, our seasoned delivery staff, with deep staffing industry experience, offers support for key areas in select industries, ensuring an ultra-fast response time, while maintaining a proven reputation for delivery

The Sigma Team

A relentless passion for delivering quality, a zeal for excellence, a strong commitment to ethics, all coming together to focus on solving complex business challenges for mission-critical roles and positions; these are the qualities, values and beliefs all shared and employed by the Sigma team.

Sigma operates with dedicated teams of recruiting, account management and staffing service professionals who bring a plethora of experience, wisdom, knowledge and expertise to the table for both clients and candidates, alike.

Our Recruiters

Our recruiters are AIRS-certified, passionate, and experienced employment. Our expert recruiters are great listeners, with the knowledge and know-how to ask the right questions, read-between-the-lines, analyze and interpret complex job descriptions, target profiles and desired backgrounds as well as manage candidates through the entire recruitment process.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain our reputation of integrity, while continuing to create the most candidate-focused and client-centric partnerships through innovation, technology, ethics, and sustainable business practices.

Our Process

We make our process as defined as our clients need. It boils down to a series of 6 steps that is consistent throughout all industries and verticals,

  1. Indentifying Resume
  2. Telephone Screen
  3. References & Background Check
  4. Credentials & Verification
  5. Drug Screening
  6. Client Orientation