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How does a staffing agency work?

A staffing agency is a specialized professional group that acts as an outsourcing partner to find talent. Depending on the agency, they can act as someone to simply find candidates for an organization, help candidates get into a desired organization, or continue throughout a training process, depending on the type of position. Sigma, for instance, can be as involved as you like.

From a candidate perspective, we can help you with your resume, update skills and help you network, and submit you to jobs that match your wants, effectively.

From a client perspective, we can help you find your next executive with a direct hire, through your full round of contingent labor with workforce transitioning. Our jobs are your jobs – and we take on the liability and responsibility, as well as the mundane every day portion for you, allowing you to do what you do best.

Why should you choose a staffing agency?

If you are having a difficult time searching for your dream job, or having a difficult time retaining talent, you can save valuable time and resources by using a staffing agency.

For career seekers, you must understand that more and more employers are utilizing alternative staffing methods including MSPs and staffing agencies to fill their needs.  By using a staffing agency, you’re casting a wider net, allowing for more exposure.

For employers, we are able to reduce your costs of having an internal team, as well as take on all the liability by having the candidates added to our W-2’s. We can use our 24 years of experience to allow for an ultra-fast delivery time for candidates that match your needs.

Why choose Sigma?

Sigma is one of the most seasoned staffing firms that have stayed within specialized industries. The relationships we have cultivated with our candidates and clients, alike, are some of the top-notch connections in the industry. Our processes have been developed over decades of experience and deep industry knowledge, and we have streamlined each process to be as simple as possible. With our use of technology and networking, we can ensure prompt and swift delivery, complete and trusted credentialing, and support for all. Choosing Sigma means that you’re gaining a valuable partner, not just another vendor or another recruiter. We are willing and able to accommodate you in whatever way you see fit.

 Do I have to use a staffing agency that’s near me?

Do you have to? No. Sometimes, depending on your industry, it makes sense, however it is not necessary. You should first make it a priority to find a staffing agency that specializes in your area of expertise, and then they will have a variety of positions that would be in your most comfortable area of work. For instance, at Sigma, we specialize in Information Technology, Healthcare, Government Services, Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences, Higher Education, Administration, and Creative Marketing/Publishing in over 42 states! While there are additional positions that we may come across from time to time, those areas are always turning over opportunities at Sigma that will make your next move a great one!

How does a staffing agency make money?

Staffing agencies make their money in ways that many companies lose theirs. We charge percentages of candidates’ hourly rates or annual salaries. The reason is because of the fact that we add the security of maintaining the responsibility of insurances and liabilities. We operate and add the candidates to your offices for a fraction of what an internal team would cost. We can augment, add to, or replace your recruiting and sourcing functions as you see fit and necessary.

What services do staffing agencies offer?

Most staffing agencies offer the ability to utilize contract work, direct placement or right-to-hire opportunities. However, at Sigma, we can also offer MSP, Employer of Record/Payrolling services, contingent labor consulting with your MSP or VMS tool, RPO, and Workforce Transitioning.

Are staffing agencies affordable?

Absolutely! Most organizations don’t realize the true and total cost to onboard a candidate.   When you consider the cost of what it takes to have an internal team source, credential, hire, train and fully onboard one employee, there could be as many as a dozen people that have a hand in that process. However, using a staffing agency, you can pay a simple markup, that will be a portion of your candidate’s hourly or annual salary, and it would be a fraction of one person’s pay, never mind a team of people.

What is right-to-hire?

Right-to-hire is a term for transitioning from a temporary worker to a permanent worker. Typically, when a company wishes to try someone out, they can offer a contract of somewhere usually around 90 days, and see if the candidate is a right fit. If they are, then they stay on, and get converted to a permanent employee, terminating the relationship with using an agency. This is also known as temp-to-perm.

 Who pays the staffing agency?

The clients seeking candidates pay the staffing agencies. Either there is a markup cost built into an hourly rate, or there is a fee based on a projected annual salary. All of that is worked out beforehand by the staffing agency and client representation.

How do I choose a staffing agency?

Choosing a staffing agency should always come down to specialty, first. Do your research! For instance, with Sigma, we started as an Information Technology in 1994, but have since grown to include a robust department set with industries like Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences, Healthcare, Higher Education, Government Services, Administration, and Creative Marketing/Publishing. If you’re looking to hire or work in those areas, please continue to take a look around or talk to one of our representatives. Always take a look based on who will do the best job for you.

Where do you staff?

Currently, Sigma staffs nationwide, coast to coast, and is a registered MWBE/DBE in approximately 25% of the country and can be easily certified in any other part of the country. We will be looking to go international soon with the rest of North America, but we are maintaining a steady growth pattern of expanding our placements across the US.