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Other Services

Other Services

MSP Services

At Sigma, we combine our professional recruiting and staffing experience with our over twenty years of MSP Solutions experience to connect our clients with outstanding MSP services. Our ability to quickly deliver high quality talent and innovative, customized services at competitive rates with a Metrics program like no other means that you should give us a try today!

Employer of Record/Payrolling Services

At Sigma, we are fully capable and ready to handle your Employer of Record or Payrolling services. Payrolling services give you the ability to handle nationwide contract placements without extra work or risk. We cover all taxes and liabilities so you can provide service, without the burden of on boarding. Our payrolling services include:

  • Bi-Weekly payroll
  • Payroll withholding taxes FICA, FUTA and SUI
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • A comprehensive benefits package, including health, vision, dental, short term disability, and more.

By using Sigma as your Employer of Record, you can trust that the liability is on us to serve you with excellence.

RPO/Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Essentially, you have an external provider take charge of some or all your company’s recruitment process. We handle everything from sourcing candidates, to interviews, and helping you make the most sensible hiring decisions. We provide the expertise to help you lower your costs and execute tasks without having to hire your own team.

At Sigma, we can be as involved as you like, making all your recruitment needs a simple reality. We immerse ourselves in your world, and make our expertise match your culture. We can sit onsite, or simply be a satellite and facilitate.

Call us today for a consultation, and then let us handle the rest!

Workforce Transition

The movement of consultants or teams of consultants from one client site to another is often the result of vendor optimizations or substantial project completions.

By successfully utilizing a workforce transition program, clients can benefit from maintaining smaller groups of resources, allowing for more intimate communication, and a smaller circle of influence.

Additional benefits include:

  • Centralized and more efficient use of resources and time
  • Consistent fee schedule
  • No need for ongoing and varied contract

By using Sigma for your transitioning needs, we can utilize the best of our expertise to function as an innovative alternative to your bottom line costs. Let us take the burden and responsibility, allowing your team to do what they do best! Call us today to learn more!

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